Featuring unique flat links, the Sophie chain necklace is the perfect foundation for creating a layered style.

• 5 microns thick gold vermeil plating (2x more than industry average)

• 100% hypoallergenic

• Highly tarnish resistant

• Water resistant which means no green skin

• Handcrafted, hand-polished all in-house

Metal: 14K Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver
: 1.33 grams
Width: 2.06 mm
Length: 15.00 inches
Thickness: 0.13 mm
Crafted In: Italy
: 300017

Fionna offers a full lifetime guarantee & warranty on all products.

This covers stone replacements, replating, repolishing, and anything else you can think of.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, email and they'll get you taken care of.

No risk, all rewards.

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About Our Jewelry

At Fionna, our goal is to create beautiful, timeless jewelry that spends a lifetime in your collection. That’s why every step of our production process – from concept and design to manufacturing, and finish – is carefully considered.

End-to-end control over our highly specialised production process means you can enjoy your pieces now, and for years it come.

Every piece of Fionna jewelry is designed, hand-made, and packaged in our family-owned workshop in Chiang Mai. The result is high-quality pieces that reflect the care and expertise of our dedicated team.

Read more about our workshop and craftsmanship.

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What Makes Your Jewelry Different?

Since we make all our jewelry in-house and have complete control over the production process, every Fionna piece is made using specially selected materials of the highest quality.

That includes tarnish-resistant 14K vermeil, recycled sterling silver, and all-natural gemstones.

We trust our suppliers to provide first-rate gemstones and metals and have developed rigorous testing protocols that ensure every piece in your collection withstands the test of time.

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14K Vermeil

Our pieces are coated with tarnish-resistant 14K gold vermeil at a density of 5 microns – that’s double the industry standard.

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Superior Gemstones

Our natural gemstones are hand-picked in-house by our world-class team of GIA-certified gemologists, meaning only the highest-quality gems are incorporated into our pieces.

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Recycled Sterling Silver

Creating pieces on a foundation of high-quality recycled sterling silver reduces our environmental impact while protecting your skin from irritation and discolouration.

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What's Great For the Wearer?

Say goodbye to green fingers, irritated ear lobes and tarnished jewelry. We only use the best materials available and hold our pieces to the highest standard of quality. This means you're getting the highest quality jewelry around, simply put.

And because we make all of our jewelry ourselves, we have full confidence our pieces can go the distance, lasting you a lifetime.

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive lifetime guarantee on all our jewelry. This covers stone replacements, replating, and repolishing, so you can enjoy your Fionna pieces for years to come.

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