Our Story

Fionna was founded with a clear goal: to offer the finest jewelry without compromising on quality or price.

Some might consider this a pipe dream. But our team’s generations of expertise and long history in jewelry making means we’re well-placed to make it a reality.

Our collective 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of jewelry is the driving force behind our brand, and it shows in every piece we create.

Together with his family and growing team at Fionna, founder Andrew Shilon has been creating beautiful, timeless jewelry for almost his entire life. Many of our customers will be delighted to learn they may have seen or worn his family’s handiwork.

Our Founder

Fionna is embedded in founder Andrew Shilon’s deeply held appreciation for the artisan craft of jewelry making.

He represents the third generation in a family of jewelers, diamond-cutters, designers, and gemologists. He grew up immersed in all facets of this unique and specialised industry, so a career in jewelry making was a natural choice.

That path has led Andrew here: to an uncompromising drive to provide beautiful hand-crafted jewelry that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to creating timeless, superior pieces that can be enjoyed for lifetimes without compromising on quality, price, or the integrity of the people who make it.

We want you to take the same pride in wearing our pieces as we take in making them. Every piece is a simultaneous express of our expertise and your unique spirit.

All our pieces are thoughtfully designed in our studio in Toronto, Canada, and brought to life in our family-owned workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our designers and artisans work closely at every step of the process, rigorously testing and perfecting every piece of Fionna jewelry so it can be worn with pride for years to come.

And we only work with materials we believe moves us in the direction of our central goal: to offer the finest jewelry without compromising on quality or price.