Jewelry At Its Finest

We started Fionna with the mission of making the world’s most top-of-the-line jewelry accessible to everyone. 

This means sourcing the highest-quality materials, working with exceptionally-skilled craftsmen who utilize age-old processes, managing every step in the jewelry making process ourselves, and delivering our jewelry directly to you, without the retail markup.

The result? Lasting pieces you can wear every day, and affordable designs that always make a statement. 

Years Decades of Experience

We’ve been crafting jewelry for over 40 years, and have always loved bringing you timeless designs. Making fine jewelry is a complicated process – so rest assured we’ve got the best jewelers in the world on our side to deliver the highest quality pieces. 

Quality Over Everything

We take quality one step further by designing and crafting all of our jewelry in-house. By managing everything from start to finish, we’re able to uphold the highest standards at every step of the manufacturing process.

All of our pieces are handmade using handpicked, lab-tested diamonds and precious gemstones with ideal cut, colour, and at least SI clarity.

When we say fine jewelry, we mean it.