We handle every step of the jewelry making process ourselves, from design to boxing. Here’s how we do it

Step 1 - Design

Our Design Team dreams up industry-leading designs, then puts pencil to paper. The sketches are then sent to our CAD (computer aided design) Team, who digitally renders the piece and 3D-prints a wax model. Lastly, every surface of the model is inspected for accuracy and quality.

Step 2 - Gold Casting

The approved wax model is sent over to our Casting Team, who then creates a cast of the wax model. The wax is then melted, leaving a hollow mold that the team fills with liquid hot gold. The gold cast is left in the oven to heat and harden overnight.

Step 3 - Jewelry Shaping

The gold cast comes out of the oven with a rough surface. It’s then sent over to our jewelers, who smooth and shape the cast perfectly. It leaves this stage looking like a piece of jewelry.

Step 5 - Final Polish

Polishers apply the final touches and fulfill any special finishes before they pass it over to our Inspection Team. Once approved, it goes to packaging –and then it’s ready to be shown off!