Our Story

Fionna's journey began in 2021, and was founded with one single goal: to offer world-class jewelry made of the highest quality and without compromise.

Rooted in a family legacy of jewelers, our founder Andrew Shilon, representing the second generation, brings over 40 years of collective expertise to the brand.

This heritage forms the foundation of Fionna, where each piece tells a story of artistry, dedication, and a commitment to delivering exquisite jewelry.

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Why We Exist

The idea for Fionna was born out of a deeply held appreciation for the art and science of jewelry making.

Our founder's upbringing, immersed in the intricacies of gemology, design, and craftsmanship has shaped Fionna's ethos.

Our mission is to create pieces that can be carried forward, becoming a cherished part of family stories and connections, linking past, present and future with meaning.

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How It Started

Fionna's story begins with simplicity, centered around our first design — the Eva ring.

This initial creation, distinguished by its unique shape and intricate design, serves as a cornerstone, embodying our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Through the years, Fionna has grown organically over time. Diverse collections have unfolded, each capturing the essence of what we stand for.

Our journey is a fusion of tradition and innovation, where every step reflects our dedication to creating not just jewelry, but individual masterpieces.

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From the Founder

Embarking on the creation of Fionna is an intimately woven tale for me. My journey finds its roots in a world of jewelry, where I was immersed from a young age.

Representing the second generation in a family of jewelers, diamond-cutters, designers, and gemologists, my upbringing was surrounded by the intricate craftsmanship of this unique and specialized industry.

Being exposed to the world of jewelry at such a young age shaped not just my career path but became an integral part of my identity. I grew up surrounded by the meticulous artistry, learning the nuances of design, the brilliance of gemstones, and the sheer dedication required to craft timeless pieces.

This early exposure kindled a passion that became the cornerstone of Fionna. In April 2021, fueled by this deep-rooted appreciation and understanding, I made the decision to dedicate myself to a singular vision: to create jewelry that goes beyond being mere accessories.

Fionna is the manifestation of this commitment, a brand founded on the principles of craftsmanship, enduring beauty, and a love for the art of jewelry making.

I invite you to explore Fionna, where each piece is a testament to my lifelong journey in the world of jewelry.

- Andrew Shilon

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What's Next for Us?

At Fionna, we aim to reshape the jewelry narrative by encouraging intentional choices over impulsive purchases.

Beyond being a brand, we aspire to be an integral part of your life's story, offering pieces that seamlessly blend into your evolving lifestyle, a meaningful reflection of your identity and a silent storyteller through every twist and turn.

So what's next for us? Excite more customers with new pieces and collections that are made now, and loved forever.

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