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We’re all becoming more conscious of the impact of our lifestyle choices on the planet. At Fionna, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to improve our sustainability practices so you can enjoy your carefully crafted pieces with a clear conscience.

Our sustainability ethos has been created around a number of carefully considered pillars: transparency, traceability, responsibility, and supply chain considerations. You can get to know how they inform everything we do at Fionna below.

Trust is a two-way street, and we want to be up-front about our business practices so you can feel confident in joining our community. We’re aware there are always improvements to be made and are actively pursuing new, sustainably minded ways of working.

We’re excited to engage with you in an open and transparent way so we can all move toward a better future for our planet together.


We want you to understand exactly how your products are made, and that starts with knowing where our materials come from.

We prioritise suppliers recognised by the Responsible Jewellery Council, with a view to ensuring our network is a 100% RJC-certified in the near future. This means every natural gemstone that features in a piece of Fionna jewellery is ethically sourced and fully traceable, according to a carefully considered traceability framework.

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All our pieces are created on a foundation of high-quality recycled sterling silver, minimising waste across the entire supply chain without compromising craftsmanship or finish.

Our packaging is also carefully considered. We want you to re-use our leatherette pouches and jewelry boxes as much as you re-wear your Fionna pieces.

Even better, packaging components that can’t be re-used are 100% recyclable.

"Our environment doesn’t need to suffer for beautiful, timeless jewelry to be created."

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Supply Chain

We understand our obligations to planet and people start close to home. We’re excited to share our Chiang Mai workshop will be RJC-certified in the near future, meaning we meet the most rigorous standards for health and safety, human rights, and fair labour conditions.

We’re proud of the community we’ve created expect our partners and suppliers to share our commitment to superior quality, excellent working conditions, and minimal environmental impact.